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2e Daalsedijk, Utrecht

The building of this house started in 1904 and the plot on which the house stands is 81 m². The house is located on the outskirts of downtown Utrecht. Covast bought the building, renovated it and sold it.


The Utrecht neighborhood Ondiep is a typical working-class neighborhood, located between the Vecht and the Amsterdamsestraatweg in the Northwest side. The district is part of the eponymous sub-district, which also includes the neighborhoods 2e Daalsebuurt, Egelantierstraat, Mariëndaalstraat e.o. and Loevenhoutsedijk and surroundings.

The neighborhood goes back to the first decades of the 20th century. Many residents stay in their own neighborhood in typical working-class neighborhoods, even when they marry and have children. However, the neighborhood composition has changed and more young people and students live in the neighborhood in recent years. The Ondiep district is one of the 40 districts of Vogelaar. The neighborhood counted 4656 inhabitants in 2013.

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15 Juni, 2016



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