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Hoofdstraat, Apeldoorn

Covast purchased four buildings at the Hoofdstraat in Apeldoorn in 2017. The restoration started immediately after the purchase. We are proud of our result after six months of restoration. Costs have been spared to restore this monumental building to its former glory. The original color scheme has been restored and the garden has been renovated to make the building look authentic again. At this moment, we are negotiating with potential tenants. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The central part of the Dutch city Apeldoorn is both a neighborhood and a local borough. A central area with shops, working area and entertainment area can be found in the center of the city between the station and the Caterplein and between the Apeldoorn Canals and the Brinkpark. The city center of Apeldoorn has a center function within the Stedendriehoek regional network.

The basis of the center of Apeldoorn is created by its historical village structure of the Hoofdstraat with side streets. It is a compact, diverse combination of old and new buildings. Various restructuring projects are in progress in the center of Apeldoorn, for example the project Kanaaloevers and the restoration of the Grift.

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18 September, 2017


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