From the renovation of residential complexes to the development of houses, shops and restaurants and bars.

Building the future

Covast started small-scale projects in the Netherlands and grew real fast to one of the key players in real estate. The company specializes in comprehensive development projects. The portfolio comprises more than 16 completed projects and 12 projects that are currently under construction or in the planning stage. Covast specializes in the construction of residential complexes, but also has its own portfolio of houses, a few shops and restaurants and bars.

Covast currently has over 150 units in the Netherlands and Spain in the planning stage. The focus is on developing and conserving houses in the Netherlands. This is the reason why Covast Verhuur B.V. was established where already developed buildings could be conserved. In Spain, the focus is on building and selling houses. This mainly concerns luxury villas and vacation homes.

Most recent projects